Let's Provide Covid19 Protective Kits For Exposed Healthcare Workers

Our medics, paramedics and caretakers, working in close quarters with the contagious Covid19 infected patients are more prone to catching the disease than the rest of us. Unfortunately, we do not have standardized protective equipment for situations like these and there is a huge scarcity for basic protective aids for these workers. They currently resort to surgical masks or N-95 masks for protection, leaving a big portion of their face uncovered.

COVID Supplies



Face Shield


N95 Masks

3 Ply Masks


Prototype Parts for Ventilators


Surgical Gloves


IR temperature Gun

Our Contribution

Prevention Coronavirus

How to stay Safe Important Percautions


Do not cough or sneeze into your bare hands.

Don't touch your eyes, face, nose and tongue

Don't go near your contacts if you are suffering from fever & cough


Wash Your Hands & face at regular intervals with soap and water

Avoid participating in gatherings

Stay At Home, Throw used tissues into closed bins immediately after use